Squad based MOBA


Development: 18 Months (Team Size: 12)
Finished: Feb 2012
Genre: Squad Based MOBA
Platforms: PC

Anmynor is a squad based MOBA (Multi-player Online Battle Arena) game. The player controls a squad of 5 customizable golems in a fast paced battle against other players.


You control a squad of 5 golems in a real-time battle against other players online. As you win battles you will gain elemental runes which can be added to your golems make them more powerful. Each rune gives your golem with new abilities that can be used in combat. For example, a Fire rune can give your golem the ability to unleash powerful breath attacks, while a Darkness rune will allow your golem to turn invisible for a short period of time.

    Runes can also be combined to create powerful derived elements. For example, Fire and Water combine to make the implacable Steam golem, while Earth and Water combine to create the Nature golem, a divine protector and healer.

    Each golem has a basic attack as well as a number of special abilities that it can use in combat. The special abilities have a long cooldown time, so you will need to choose carefully when to use them.

    The objective varies depending on the game mode. In the basic game you must destroy the opposing players base before they can destroy yours. Each base is protected by turrets and a shield generator. Players need to decide carefully how to split their forces and which abilities to use in order to outmaneuver their opponent. The game also features Capture the Flag, Domination and Scramble game modes.

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Details My role in the project

I was heavily involved in the design and balancing of the combat system. The golems are complex units, each with many unique states and abilities. It was a challenge to maintain this level of complexity for a squad of units while providing the player with smooth, strategic and easy to learn gameplay. I also designed and implemented the basic game mode, where players fight their way past turrets and defending golems to destroy the enemy base.

I improved and implemented several of the user interfaces related to the landing area, player inventory, items, and golem workshop.

Pathfinding in the Hero Engine is performed by a dedicated physics server. This architecture led to many challenges, such as extended delays for pathfinding requests, lost packages, and bad path finding results. These challenges were overcome by implementing a number of checks and work-arounds to ensure that gameplay was never strongly affected by these issues.