Anmynor Puzzles

An adventure with accident prone golems


Development: 8 Months (Team Size: 12)
Finished: Dec 2012
Genre: Puzzle Game
Platforms: PC, Mobile

Anmynor Puzzles is set in a world of magic and adventure. It is your task to guide the accident prone golems through 100 beautifully detailed levels. Each of the 17 golems has its own unique ability to help you solve the challenges ahead.


Some golems can push wooden boxes, while others can jump over small gaps, walk through fire, swim, or even freeze water to allow others to pass. You will need to master these, and many more abilities to defeat the evil alchemist in the final battle. The controls are elegant and easy to use. The golems walk by themselves in a straight line, reversing whenever they hit an obstacle.

    The player simply needs to click on a golem and drag to make him change direction. Don't worry about accidentally marching them off a cliff or into sudden electric flaming death. Your loyal minions will immediately respawn so you can carry on completing the puzzle.

    Starting in the crystal caverns, your adventure will take you through 17 unique environments: over frozen seas across scorching deserts though deep forests and the hissing clanking gloom of the great factory. As the game progresses the challenges will become increasingly difficult and the path to victory will be less and less obvious. The missions contain many different elements, ranging from logic puzzles to skill based challenges such as avoiding enemies and launching your poor golems across a flaming pits of doom with a catapult. Are you ready to pitch your wit and skills against the challenges of Anmynor?

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Details My role in the project

I was responsible for the technical management of the project as well as the bulk of the gameplay programming.

I rapidly developed a playable prototype of the game during the first 2 weeks of pre-production. This prototype was shown to publishers and investors in order to explain the concept of the game. This required me to make basic models for the props and environments, as well as design and code the logic for a number of playable levels.

The game was intended to run on a broad range of platforms, including low-end smart phones for both the iOS and Android markets. I was responsible for ensuring the game would run at high frame rates on these devices. This was a challenging task, requiring minimization of polygon counts and draw calls as well as balancing the complexity and frequency of AI scripts.

I developed shaders, particle systems, post-processing, sky boxes, scripted billboards and a host of other features to improve the visual quality of the PC version of the game. Working with the art director, I was responsible for generating the desired look and feel of each of the 17 environment templates. I also shared the task of lightmapping the 100 levels (for the PC version) with the lead designer.

I designed and created 30 of the 100 levels for the PC version of the game. These levels were designed to take advantage of the larger screen size and rendering power of the PC platform. The goal was to present the player with a much higher level of detail and complexity than we could afford in the mobile version of the game.

I modeled the majority of the props for the mobile version of the game with the strict goal of minimizing the polygon count and grouping all assets into a single draw call. I also helped to model and texture a large number of the props for the PC version of the game.