Callejeros Viajeros

Mobile world trivia


Development: 2 Weeks (Team Size: 2)
Finished: July 2011
Genre: Trivia Game
Platforms: Mobile

In Callejeros Viajeros players travel around a 3D model of the world answering trivia questions about cities along the way. The game features single player and hot seat multi-player modes.

Details My role in the project

I was responsible for everything to do with the planet and control system. The camera was designed to orbit the planet in a smooth fashion, zooming out slightly as it spins as though thrown out by inertia, then zooming in as the camera comes to rest. I used raycasting for touch events to determine which city the player was attempting to click on.

I also took a great deal of care to make the planet look as beautiful as possible, within the limitations of low-end mobile devices. This included atmospheric scattering and dramatic sunset effects using scripted billboards. The planet also featured city lights on the night side and a moving cloud layer.

The paths between cities had to be rendered as great circle arcs. I wrote the code for calculating and drawing these paths on the planet.